Hefeweizen Soap. Real beer. Real handmade soap.

When it comes to personal care, nothing is better than a nice hefeweizen. Ok, maybe not so much. But a nice hefeweizen beer soap sounds equally pleasing.

Hefeweizens are known for being exceptionally drinkable, with welcoming hints of fruit and bubblegum. In some ways, they are like eating a boozy slice of banana bread. This is what makes them perfect for a hot summer day.

And just like the beer itself, lathering up with a bar of Hefeweizen soap should leave your skin feeling light and crisp.

Made with all of the typical ingredients, a dollop of coconut oil, some olive oil, and a few spoonfuls of German Purity Law, a bar of beer soap is just what your dry skin ordered.

Types of Hefeweizen Beer Soap you could make #

*Caution: As always, chemical reactions can be harmful. Please be careful in all of your soap making endeavors.

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